Art Is Not Crime

Norwich Street Art Collective, Inc aka "The Norwich Collective" is a non-profit organization that was formed to inspire marginalized artists and communities by creating and sharing impactful street art. 
We believe street art can inspire creativity, innovation, and a healthy sense of pride. Street art has the ability to heal, transform, and revitalize communities. It is a sacred form of self-expression and we believe the denial of such expression would be to deny the values and voices of our community. It represents the voice of the marginalized and holds the unyielding narrative of humans who have been historically silenced.
For these reasons, we fully embrace this art form; taking one step closer towards a more fair, equitable, and inclusive society where future generations may prosper.


Our History


Eye-Opening Realization  

Peter Helms, Founder of The Norwich Collective, has a shocking realization that his hometown city is distressed and in dire need of socio-economic development. Suki Lagrito, an established community builder, joins forces with Peter in an effort to break down socio-economic barriers and develop communities by creating and sharing impactful street art; starting with Norwich, Connecticut


Marginalized Artists

Peter and Suki found that local artists had been historically exploited, receiving little to no pay or proper recognition for their efforts. Street artists in particular had been oppressed, marginalized, and even criminalized.


The Norwich Collective

In Spring of 2021, The Norwich Collective is formed with a diverse board and membership to begin a creative journey of bringing the communities back to life through a grass roots collective of artists and social entreprenuers. The start would be the curation of an outdoor art museum in Norwich, Connecticut. 


Street Art in Downtown Norwich

In Summer of 2022, The Norwich Collective commissions several local artists such as Aliyah Lacombe, Lucia Maria, Erica Brannen and more, to work in tandem with world-renowned street artists Carlitos Skills and Golden in their first run of art installations and murals in Downtown Norwich. 


The Next Step - Plugged In

The Norwich Collective announces their commitment of continued progress by bringing the 1st Annual Street Art Festival to Norwich Connecticut which it names 'Plugged In'. With your help, we can continue to make these impactful strides. Join our all inclusive events committee to help make your mark by having a say in the process.